Gulf Cavalry Co. WLL


Gulf Cavalry for Security & Defense Solutions Co. established in 2009  provides a variety of security and defense solutions, logistics services and commodity services to defense and government customers.


Gulf Cavalry identifies, qualifies and promotes business opportunities to bring forward innovative solutions in Defense and Security market through a collaboration with internationally renowned partners ,operational users and offers, a full range of world-class defense and security.


Gulf Cavalry intends to meet the increase in demand of the defense requirement of maintaining existing equipment, spare parts, publication, modification, training, facility improvement, manpower requirement and technical assistance / consultation (FMS) and (Offset).



  • Military consultancy and training.

  • Security and safety consulting.

  • Security protection programs & Safety devices trading.

  • Fittings fields of shooting.

  • Supply and repair of military equipments and aircrafts.

  • Contracting maintenance of security and safety systems of land and sea borders.

  • Transporting precious goods, escort, security and providing safety personal.

  • Arms trade, maintenance and ammunition.

  • Defense & Security Project Management and Support .

  • Counter Terrorism, IED, Search and Corporate Security Training.

  • Logistic Planning, Operations and Support.








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